10 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Projects

outdoor spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is not exciting for most of us. But it is important. As the holidays and winter end and we begin looking forward to spring and warm weather, something inside of us tells us to get our homes in order by cleaning, organizing and purging things we’ve collected over the winter.

But who says spring cleaning is only for the inside of a house?
The exterior of your house could probably use some tidying up after a cold, dreary winter, too!

It’s Time For Home Exterior Cleaning

Here are home exterior cleaning projects that will drastically improve the appearance of your house in Knoxville, and, even more important, will provide much-needed care and maintenance that will save a lot of money over the years to come.

1. Gutter Cleaning

Spring is the best time to clean your gutters, because a lot of leaves and debris accumulate in the fall and winter. Pollen is at its highest in the spring, making a mess in your gutters and downspouts if they aren’t cleaned.

Plus, pests and critters are scavenging for places to build homes in spring, so having your gutters cleaned will help prevent an infestation in your home.

Gutter cleaning consists of cleaning the inside and outside of your gutters, removing mold, mildew, stains and returning them to a like-new appearance.

2. Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning is essential for spring cleaning. First floor windows shouldn’t cause you too much of a headache, but second and third floor windows are a bit tougher to reach.

Cleaning windows by hand is a tiring job, and it will need a lot of supplies, not to mention climbing up and down a ladder! A soft wash or professional cleaning of your exterior windows is the recommended way to get the panes and the outer frame nice and clean.

3. Pressure Washing

You don’t want clean gutters and clean windows on a dirty house. That means you are going to want to pressure wash your house too!

Pressure washing is quick, effective and affordable. You can clean your house, outdoor furniture, concrete patios, porches and walkways with not too much effort. It will knock off dirt and mud so they won’t permanently stain your house, and you can prevent the spread of mold, mildew and allergens.

4. Driveway Cleaning

Clearing off your driveway and giving it a good cleaning may seem counter-productive because you will still be driving on it, but actually, a clean, well-cared for driveway can increase the curb appeal of your house.

A professional pressure washer will do wonders when it comes to driveway cleaning, whether it is concrete, asphalt, stone or another material. Also, think about adding a gravel or mulch border to your driveway to really help it pop!

5. Patio Cleaning

Your patio probably gets the most use in the summer, so it is easy to overlook it in the winter when you aren’t doing a lot of outdoor entertaining, relaxing or grilling. Your patio might be in bad shape the first time you walk onto it in the spring.

Soap and water – and a little muscle – can sometimes be enough for patio cleaning, but if there are signs of mold or algae, you might need to think about a more serious option, like power washing, to guarantee that friends and family can enjoy your patio all summer.

6. Roof Cleaning

Algae and moss are typical roof problems in Knoxville. While you’re cleaning the exterior of your house, it is a great time to clean your roof too, but you will need to use a different method than what you use for most of your home’s exterior cleaning.

If you start to notice streaks on your roof, algae is probably the reason. Moss is pretty obvious, too. These contaminants can’t be wiped off of shingles, nor can you power wash the roof. Both of these methods will ruin the shingles on your roof.

The best process for roof cleaning is to spray the shingles with a half-water, half-bleach mixture and let it sit. This mixture will kill all organic organisms on your roof without lowering its lifespan.

7. Tidy up the Front

The front of your house is going to be what most people see, so make the best impression possible for visitors, neighbors and for yourself! Coming home to a well-maintained exterior will immediately improve your day, and it will even motivate you to spend more time outdoors.

Clean your front porch with detergent and water or a good power wash. Wipe cobwebs and mud off of the front door, and think about painting it a new color for a really fresh look! Clean forgotten areas such as the porch ceiling, light fixtures and ceiling fans, too.

8. Organize Outdoor Tools

You’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors, so spring is a great time to organize everything you will need for outdoor chores.

Gardening tools as well as pool care equipment need to all have a specific area outside your house – somewhere that it is safe from harsh weather and not in sight so it is not a constant eyesore. Spending the time to organize in the spring allows you to appreciate the exterior of your house so much more during the time of year that you are going to spend the most time outdoors.

9. Lawn Care & Landscaping

Your yard, trees and bushes can make a big impact on the overall look of your house.

Kill weeds around your flower beds and walkways, till up places where you’ll be planting in the future and brush off walkways. You can spray pre-emergent weed poison to make lawn care easier on yourself throughout the summer. Trim all the bushes too.

10. Clean the Grill

After being unused for months, your gas or charcoal grill could use a good cleaning, too. Leftover grease and food from your grill are unappetizing, but even worse they can make you and your family sick.

Wipe it down to remove leftover ash, then scrub the grates with a plastic scrubber (so you do not leave behind particles that can sometimes get into food) and a dish soap or degreaser.

You can probably finish all of these projects after a few weekends but it will be a lot of tough work. Instead, give us a call! Knoxville Pressure Washing provides professional residential exterior cleaning services for driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning and more!